Mum tormented by machete gang ringleader who killed her son three years ago

A grieving mother whose son was hacked to death by a gang of teenagers wielding machetes says their ringleader still torments her from prison. Nikki Yule said Victor Maibvisira gloats about 17-year-old son Kyle’s murder on Instagram. He and four other youths punched, kicked and stabbed Kyle as he lay helpless on a friend’s doorstep screaming for his mum and pleading with his attackers that he had had ‘enough’. Maibvisira, then 19, was convicted of murder and affray and jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years. His young accomplices were all jailed for 16 years for murder.

Nikki, from Gillingham in Kent, says she is still forwarded photos of Maibvisira taken inside jail. She added: ‘He’s behind bars but he’s proud of himself for what he’s done. My Kyle is never going to take another breath. He’s never going to live another birthday and have another Christmas. ‘He’s never going to have a baby, he’s never going to get married. But it’s alright for that man to murder my son, and then go on Instagram taking pictures.’ The heartbroken mum-of-four said the killer spent much of the trial ‘laughing, thinking it was a joke all the time’ and has never shown a moment’s remorse. Jurors heard the mob were ‘like vultures’ and Nikki is still terrified at the thought of something happening to her other children. She described how Kyle ‘loved his brothers and absolutely idolised his little sister’. As well as dropping his siblings off at school, she says he would also help with the shopping.


On the night he died, in October 2017, she remembers making him his favourite dinner, spaghetti bolognese, before he told her ‘love you mumsy’ on his way out. Less than an hour later there was a knock at the door and she could hear girls outside screaming: ‘Kyle’s been stabbed.’ Nikki said: ‘My heart just dropped to the floor. I felt sick. I went into a panic.’ She broke down in tears recalling how the paramedics wouldn’t let her see Kyle as he lay dying. ‘That was really hard,’ she said. ‘They said I’d be traumatised if I ever saw him like that. ‘You just want that last cuddle. I just needed that cuddle, but they said I would have been traumatised. ‘I think I should have been given the opportunity to say goodbye to my son.’